40ft Container Accommodation 40ft Container Accommodation

40ft Container Accommodation Units

40ft Shipping Container Accommodation Units

SCF's portable accommodation units combine the durability and mobility of shipping container construction with quality internal accommodation design, to provide a comfortable home away from home for multiple users.

Key Features

  • 4 Bedrooms each with individual windows
  • Rockwool insulation and split system reverse cycle air conditioning
  • Energy efficient internal and external lighting
  • Deployable to category D cyclone regions
  • Windows with flyscreen and steel shutters for security

Product Details

Providing secure individual bedroom spaces for workers, the SCF Container Accommodation unit is regularly utilised on sites with a workforce that resides on or near the site. Adding to the 4 bedroom container unit is easy, with a range of flexible configurations or amenity containers available to suit your site’s requirements.

Comfort is paramount, with split system reverse cycle air conditioning, internal phone and data points and various furniture layouts, including a king single bed. A well-rested employee is a far more effective employee, and SCF caters for this.

All portable accommodation units are built with a strong focus on safety, including lockable steel doors, hardwired smoke alarms with battery backup, internal and external lighting and windows with fly screens and steel shutters. This is underpinned with Australian certified 3 phase power.

Each unit is construction compliant with all Australian standards and the National Construction Code 2013.

Our construction range thrives in harsh environments. Built from steel (including steel doors) with high-quality fittings, our accommodation units are designed to last so your site can get on with the job.


Various configurations available including:

  • Bathroom facilities with shower, toilet, vanity cupboard and exhaust fan

  • Kitchen unit with sink and overhead cupboard

  • 10kPa Hoarding Platform

40ft Container Accommodation Units Dimensions and Weight

Specifications may vary

Length (mm) 11,884
Width (mm) 2,150
Height (mm) 2,405
Length (mm) 12,192
Width (mm) 2,438
Height (mm) 2,896
Tare (kg) 7,320
Payload (kg) 7,680
MGW (kg) 15,000

How is this container delivered?

We aim to make your container delivery on site as smooth as possible. Please notify us when getting a container quote if there is any specific access requirements and we will work with our delivery partners to find a solution. 

Delivery on site can be made using the following methods.

SCF Shipping Containers - Delivery Method - Side Loader

Side Loader

Side loaders are used to transport our 20 foot and 40 foot shipping containers. This is the best delivery method for containers at sites that have limited space either in front or behind the area where the container is to be positioned. The container is unloaded between the two outrigger feet of the side loader, approximately half a metre from the side of the truck.

SCF Shipping Containers - Delivery Method - Hiab Crane

Hiab Crane

Hiab cranes lift containers from a mechanism located behind the truck's cabin. This is used when there is limited space for a side loader or tilt tray. Using a crane means the container is easily positioned at an angle or up on a raised area. It can also be used to place containers over a fence or other obstacles.

Reaching for the sky with SCF's Site Sheds

Small footprint big impact

All your Site amenities in one safe and tidy container stack? Sign me up. Whether it's somewhere to manage your project, heat your pie up, put your feet up, or freshen up we have you covered with our vast range of Site Sheds. Made to the highest safety and quality standards, our Site Sheds are your small footprint solution to your Sites hygiene and comfort needs.

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