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Complete your next project with SCF's Portable Buildings and Demountable Buildings. Design your worksite with our wide range of 20ft and 40ft Portable Buildings.


Portable buildings provide two of the most important needs in human life - shelter and security. They also provide a place for you or your team to rest and recuperate during a house build,  construction job, for a hard earned half time break on the sports field, or during general day to day operations. 

Whilst portable buildings or our demountable buildings come in one shape and two sizes, a rectangular 20ft or 40ft unit, their end use is a little more diverse. You can eat in them, sleep in them, work in them, take a load off in them, change in them, even seek medical attention in them - the options are endless.

The most common use is on construction sites, from small home builds to significant high rise or government infrastructure projects. But they are also popular at events or festivals, where key people can oversee and manage events, prepare for performances or rest. You might even see some out bush on a mining site. 

Given the complexity of required features in each building, and the variable length of life for each project, the majority of our customers prefer to hire portable buildings to keep costs down. If an organisation needs them for longer than a project, or wants specific modifications, then buying one might be  a better option.

Stackable buildings provide greater flexibility for space constrained sites.

Stackable buildings provide greater flexibility for space constrained sites.

High quality portable buildings for sale & hire

SCF’s large variety of portable buildings are available for short and long-term hire, which represents a low up-front cost, and greater flexibility - you only pay while you need it. So you can rest assured we will have you covered to service a team of any size in any location. 

SCF portable buildings are all designed to withstand the harsh Australian climate, whilst ensuring the safety of those inside. Each unit is manufactured using high-quality materials and proven processes. We recognise that conditions can vary depending on the season, so our containers are built with Rockwool insulation and reverse cycle air conditioning to maintain a consistent internal temperature. 

Hiring a portable building reduces your exposure to risk. We find that many customers have no use for the buildings at the conclusion of the project, so hire enables them to return the unit/s whilst minimising costs over the life of the project.  

Hiring a portable building is a much lower initial outlay. It can cost anywhere from $10-$20 a day compared to $30,000+ to purchase a unit outright. It could take over 5 years of hiring to cover the cost of a purchase, and resale can be difficult.

In some instances, customers need a custom solution for their longer-term project. SCF has a team of skilled professionals who can assist you with modifications in-house to bring your ideas to life. The works are completed in a depot to a high standard, and the modified containers can be delivered to site.

Discover our range of demountable & portable buildings

We understand that each project is unique and requires different amenities to ensure your team is looked after. With a range of portable buildings with various fitout options, you will have no problem planning your next big or small project.

SCF Container Solutions - 10ft Site Office

10ft Site Office

Working with limited space on site? SCF 10ft site offices are purpose built to save on space and to help you successfully manage your project at the same time.
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SCF Container Solutions - 20ft Ablution Block

20ft Ablution Block

Arguably the most important portable building on site, the Ablution Block. With dedicated private spaces, you can rest assured your team has suitable facilities to release the load.
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SCF Container Solutions - 20ft Change Room

20ft Change Room

Let your filthy team change into a fresh set of threads. SCF's 20ft change room is a dedicated, secure space for your team to change, refresh and safely store their belongings while they get the job done.
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SCF Container Solutions - 20ft Crib Room

20ft Crib Room

Keep your ravenous team going with a dedicated space to rest and refuel. SCF Crib Rooms have all the necessary features that your workforce requires.
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SCF Container Solutions - 20ft Lunch Room

20ft Lunch Room

Take your team out for lunch, on their time, and their money, in an SCF lunch room. Gourmet leftovers like quinoa salad, protein balls, or reheated pies and pasties can all be prepared, enjoyed and cleaned, in comfort and safety.
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SCF Container Solutions - 20ft Site Office

20ft Site Office

SCF site offices are the ideal unit to successfully manage your project from – insulated, air conditioned and configurable to your needs.
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SCF Container Solutions - 20ft Portable First Aid Room

20ft Portable First Aid Room

A portable medical building or first aid room provides your team with a facility to treat patients in a purpose-built environment that is safe and clean.
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SCF Container Solutions - 20ft Hoarding Platform 10kPa

20ft Hoarding Platform 10kPa

SCF's 10kPa Hoarding Platform provides overhead protection that complies with Australian standards. Protect your staff on site with easy installation.
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SCF Container Solutions - 40ft Container Office & Lunch Room

40ft Container Office & Lunch Room

40ft container rooms provide a larger solution for your site amenities. In various configurations, one building can include a combination of one site office and one lunch room, or two of each.
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SCF Container Solutions - 40ft Container Accommodation

40ft Container Accommodation

SCF Accommodation containers combine the durability and mobility of shipping container construction with high-quality internal design, to provide a comfortable home away from home for multiple users.
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Ablution Block

The ablution block is arguably the most critical portable building on site. With a mix of urinals and cubicles, your team can alleviate the load and remove any blockages that can impact their ability to work safely and efficiently. 

Not only do they come in various configurations to suit your needs, they also include a range of standard features that are essential:

  • Wash basins
  • Hot and cold water
  • Windows that can be opened to improve airflow
  • Hard wearing floor
  • Security mesh
  • Plumbing provisions

Start your planning right with an ablution block and build your site operations from there.

View 20ft Ablution Block

Ablution blocks come with urinal, cubicles and a sink with hot and cold water.

Ablution blocks come with urinal, cubicles and a sink with hot and cold water.

Lunch Room

Put your feet up and get some sustenance into you.

Put your feet up and get some sustenance into you.

Your team is/should be working hard all day long, so they will need somewhere to refuel. A lunch room is a dedicated space for staff to rest, relax and eat meals in. Depending on your needs, it can be configured for basic or more complex culinary requirements (think microwave for those who prefer to eat hot food). With a split system air conditioner, your team can even eat like royalty. With safety as the main focus of this portable building, it is built with hardwired smoke alarms with a battery backup, internal lighting and windows with fly screen mesh. In this portable building, there is room to include a refrigerator, seating and other amenities to heat meals. 

View 20ft Lunch Room

Site Office

Get away from the noise, dust and banter onsite so you can effectively manage your project. With superior thermal properties, temperature is regulated and the outside noise is reduced, so you can make important decisions without the common distractions that frequently occur onsite. 

If you need to accommodate a number of people, a Site Office can also be configured with multiple functional desks. This is supported by several power sources and a sturdy steel-frame door with a secure locking system, so your team can continue to function effectively.

This Portable Building can even be configured as a meeting room if necessary. This is popular on more permanent style sites or yards that lack internal space and facilities. 

View 20ft Site Office

Get away from the noise to make the important decisions.

Get away from the noise to make the important decisions.

Crib Room

Give your team a dedicated rest area to keep spirits and output high.

Give your team a dedicated rest area to keep spirits and output high.

Similar to a Lunch Room, a Crib Room is a space designed for your team to rest on site, which will contribute to higher productivity, less mistakes and a safer worksite. Like all SCF Portable Buildings, the crib room can be deployed quickly, is available for short or long-term hire and has all the necessary features that your site needs. This unit has split system air conditioning built-in for ultimate comfort and maximum productivity.

View 20ft Crib Room

What our customers are saying

First Aid Room

Cut finger, sprained ankle, broken heart? The Portable Medical Building can help with two of these problems, and many more. Quick medical response is critical onsite, so you need a suitable facility to treat common injuries, which can occur even when PPE and safety protocols are followed. 

Eye wash, bandages and plasters, and other treatments can be stored and deployed inside a Portable First Aid Room. Various configurations are available, which include desks, chairs, treatment tables, fridges and kitchenettes with hot and cold water. 

They also come fitted with a hard wearing vinyl floor for easy cleaning and maintenance, hot and cold water system and ample internal power sources for the necessary medical equipment. This is your central point to treat injuries and complete all necessary paperwork, so your compliance is never in question.

View 20ft Portable First Aid Room

Provide quick medical response onsite.

Provide quick medical response onsite.

Hoarding Platform 10kPa

Protect your team from overhead projectiles.

Protect your team from overhead projectiles.

A 10kPa hoarding platform opens up a whole range of possibilities for space constrained sites. SCF hoarding platforms allow SCF portable buildings to be multi stacked. The platforms provide overhead protection to everyone inside a container, and those on walkways too. They have the added benefit of protecting your team and site visitors from the elements, such as the sun's harsh rays or the torrential downpours that can be common in winter. SCF’s 10kPa platforms have the added benefit of providing overhead storage of equipment to save valuable space on site. 

View 20ft Hoarding Platform 10kPa

Container Workshop

Keep your chippies out of sight, not out of mind. A dedicated workshop provides ample space for all those tweaks, modifications and builds on site. Fitted out to your needs, workshops can include fully equipped workbenches, shelving rated up to 400kg and racks for storage, security cages (to keep out those dirty thieves) and more. Consider it a safe solution to complete a range of works onsite, with sufficient storage capacity to maintain order and provide easy access for tools and equipment. Additional modifications can be added to include roller doors, GPO’s for flexible positioning of power tools or aluminium flooring for safer machine use.

View 20ft Container Workshop

A workshop provides a secure space for tools and odd jobs.

A workshop provides a secure space for tools and odd jobs.

Shower Block

Give it a rinse in a purpose built shower block.

Give it a rinse in a purpose built shower block.

Provide the facilities to let your filthy team get clean. After all, there is no better feeling than cleaning off after a hard day of work. A relocatable shower block is a great solution for keeping the team feeling fresh. Built with high-quality materials, the SCF Shower Block can be configured with multiple shower heads, hand basins and mirrors to meet the specific requirements of your onsite team.

View 20ft Shower Block

Accommodation Unit

When your team comes from all around the place, you’ll need a home away from home. Accommodation units are purpose built to keep your team onsite 24/7 (pending employment laws and regulations of course). Each unit is fitted with individual bedrooms that come with a bed, desk, chair, operable window with security mesh, wardrobe and reverse cycle air conditioning. High end living right? It has all the creature comforts your team is looking for at the end of a hard day at work. 

View 40ft Accommodation Unit

A home away from home onsite. Bed, desk, air con and cupboard.

A home away from home onsite. Bed, desk, air con and cupboard.

Costs and prices of a demountable or portable building

The costs involved with portable buildings vary depending on whether you choose to hire or buy, the site location or if the building requires specific features or modifications. 

A good rule of thumb regarding portable building prices is that a larger footprint and more features can mean a higher price. For example; a fully equipped lunch room with a kitchenette, seating, tables and appliances will cost more than a change room with bench seats. 

Whilst we still receive enquiries for purchase, especially second hand portable buildings, the majority of customers hire a portable building due the low initial upfront cost, and the demand profile which is linked with the project timeline. Once the project is finished, the unit can be returned and the ongoing hire cost ceases. 

The contract term and amount of containers will impact pricing. Longer-term hires cost less than casual rates, which are a minimum 31 day hire. Projects that require multiple portable buildings, as opposed to one or two, are likely to incur a cheaper daily hire rate.

If your organisation plans to shift buildings from a completed site to a new site at the end of a project, portable building hire still makes sense because you will have access to newer stock. 

So for the same or a similar price, you effectively trade in an old unit for a new unit. 

It is uncommon that customers buy a portable building given their significant costs. It would only be beneficial if you had plans to modify it for a specific purpose or keep it for over 5-10 years. In some instances and depending on volume, a custom build can be arranged. 

SCF can help assist you when planning for your next portable building purchase or hire to make sure you have everything you need in the building on time. 

How much do portable buildings cost?

Unit Type Hire (per day) Buy
20' Portable Building $17 - $28 $30,000 - $35,000
40' Portable Building $34 - $64 $50,000 - $60,000

*Indicative rates per unit per day, including GST. Subject to availability

Best uses for our demountable or portable buildings

The portable building is suitable for several industries and services. With growth in large scale construction and projects, paired with advances in safety and manufacturing technology, it is no wonder they have risen in popularity. Suitable for those who are looking for a cost effective, comfortable structure to work from, similar to traditional buildings but with added benefits, including greater flexibility and quicker deployment.

Project Office

For small scale domestic projects, like a house build or office upgrade, 20ft portable buildings represent an ideal project office. You can safely manage all progress and trades onsite, with a level of comfort and safety. These units are the same that are commonly used on construction sites, so you’re getting access to all the features that you’d expect from an industry recognised container room. From $17 per day inc GST, hiring a portable building to provide a workspace and storage at your preferred location provides a suitable alternative to leasing an office space away from your site. If the site parameters allow, SCF portable buildings can be delivered to your door and picked up at your request after the first 31 days of the hire period. This arrangement could benefit users under time constraints or those who simply do not want to travel back and forth to an office at another location when items are required.

Provide a space for your team to get it done.

Provide a space for your team to get it done.

Construction Sites

Portable buildings are commonly seen on construction sites or mining sites. With projects spanning anywhere from months to years, site amenities such as office spaces, lunch rooms, or washroom facilities which SCF can provide. Sites tend to have minimal space to work within, so storing equipment safely throughout the job can be difficult. This is where portable buildings come in handy. They are multi-stackable which provides projects ample room to comfortably operate in and without compromising productivity. By accompanying portable buildings on site with a 10kPa hoarding platform and gantry system, it allows added safety for all site staff, visitors and pedestrians as well as protection from the weather. 

Stackable amenities for you construction site.

Stackable amenities for you construction site.

Events Headquarters

Events can span anywhere from a weekend to a few months. Efficiently manage everything from one safe, central point. Our 20ft and 40ft portable buildings have been used at events like music festivals, Fringe gardens and community setups. They can be deployed and removed as quickly as anything on the market. They are painted in council friendly colours that do not detract from artistic installations or event themes. 

Keep your finger on pulse at events HQ.

Keep your finger on pulse at events HQ.

Green Rooms

With the return of festivals and events in some capacity, a dedicated space for your talent to prepare is essential. As many of these events are open air, you’ll likely need something ready to go. 20ft Site Offices can double as 20ft Green Rooms. They are quick to deploy, come with air conditioning and hard wearing floor, so your talent will be comfortable and safe, which means less complaints. Looking for a larger range of portable buildings for festivals and events? SCF has you covered.

Straight from the green room to stage, and back again.

Straight from the green room to stage, and back again.

Medical Checkpoints/Testing Site

Medical Rooms or dedicated temporary testing sites weren’t really a thing until everyone’s least favourite Corona hit the market in early 2020. Even as the world takes steps forward, there is still a need for dedicated testing sites that are easy to clean, provide ample protection from the weather and can be quickly deployed or relocated. 20ft portable buildings have been used in capital cities, or at border crossings to ensure testing can be conducted with minimal risk of infection.

One of the state border medical testing sites.

One of the state border medical testing sites.


Even amateur sports teams need a dedicated space to get changed and go through their match strategy before, during and after the final whistle. Gone are the days of getting changed out in the wide open, as the breeze picks up and the rain rolls through. Easy to deploy for the duration of the season only, a 20ft change room gives your team all the shelter they need. They are also very easy to maintain and clean - a hard wearing vinyl floor can be swept and mopped, so you don’t have to worry about boots, turf and mud.

Sharpen up at the end of the day.

Sharpen up at the end of the day.

Why use our portable buildings?

SCF’s range of portable buildings are compliant with Australian standards and the National Construction Code 2013. In addition to meeting these standards, they have three distinct advantages over other options in the market.


Safety is the most important outcome that SCF can deliver as a business, which is why our products are built with safety at the forefront. Our portable buildings come with a range of safety features as standard:

  • Smoke detectors with battery backup
  • Security mesh over lockable windows
  • Steel PA doors

With all these safety features, your team inside does not need to worry about the dangers outside.

Energy Efficiency

As the world takes considered steps to reduce its environmental impact, so too does SCF’s range of portable buildings. By using energy efficient materials, such as Rockwool insulation for superior thermal insulation, LED lighting and reverse cycle air conditioning, each unit has been built with the intention to reduce it’s long-term environmental impact. 

Transport and deployment

Getting your portable building to site is made easy thanks to the container sized dimensions of our portable building range. Buildings can be quickly deployed and delivered via a side loader or tilt tray (which can also be craned off onto the right location on site). As each unit comes with fork pockets, they can also easily be offloaded and relocated on site with little effort. This is perfect for sites where your portable building will need to change location as your project progresses.

Not only that, once the container is delivered, it is ready to go. It doesn’t need to be commissioned. It is effectively plug and play. 

Ready to hire a Portable Building from SCF?

Planning your next project and need a portable building or a demountable building on site? Choose SCF portable buildings, which provide you with all the important features you need to run a project successfully. 

You can hire a portable building, which makes perfect sense as your project/event/requirement has an end date, so you only need to pay for it while you need it. You’ll save a lot of money and don’t need to deal with the ongoing maintenance or depreciation that you would if you bought the container. Easy!

Our team is here to help and can provide you with the right information to get you started to find the container solution that works for you. With demand for portable buildings rising, stock is limited so don’t miss out and get in touch with us today.

Call us on 131 132 to speak to our friendly Customer Service Team who can help assist you with any questions.

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