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Making Moving Easy for Furniture Removalists

Since 1992 SCF has provided shipping containers for removalists to help Australians move house.

From humble beginnings in 1992, SCF provided it's first ever container to a furniture removalist customer. Ever since, SCF has likely helped you or someone you know, move house.

Historically semi trailers or straight trucks were used to transport furniture between locations. However, with the increased reliance on rail, and limitations with a specialist truck, shipping containers represent greater flexibility for removalist businesses. 

This increased flexibility, which also opens the ability to service interstate markets or relocations, is why shipping containers continue to be a popular choice for furniture removalists.

High Cube Containers and Furniture Removal

High cube containers are the 'go-to' for furniture removalists.

Not only do they have an additional foot of height to fit all range of large furniture, they also have tie down rails throughout, so you can secure your furniture in transit.

Don't worry about corners and bumps damaging your furniture on its voyage to a new destination!

Your Preferred Furniture Removal Partner

SCF has deep ties to the Australian furniture removal industry. Our containers have evolved to better suit the needs of our customers, and we continue to invest in product and service improvements.

SCF Shipping Containers - 30 Years

30 Years

SCF has been providing containers to Australia’s major furniture removal companies for 30 years. Our containers are designed in Australia, for Australian conditions.
SCF Shipping Containers - Industry Experience

Industry Experience

From our first container order, to the introduction of a high cube container for increased capacity, our commitment to the Australian furniture industry has been strong.
SCF Shipping Containers - National Presence

National Presence

Our national depot footprint makes interstate transfers easier. Truck or train your furniture anywhere you need it and have containers serviced or repaired quickly too.

Shipping Containers versus Traditional Furniture Trucks

Shipping containers have a range of benefits compared with traditional removalist trucks or vans.

Lower upfront costs

You can hire a container for short or long periods of time, to coincide with demand. Containers are charged at a low daily rate, with a minimum commitment of 31 days. This is a much cheaper upfront cost than purpose built trucks and other solutions. 

During quiet periods, you can return a container to reduce spend. Or you can take on more containers during peak season to meet demand.

Greater flexibility

Hire the containers that best suit your transport needs. 20ft High Cube containers are the most commonly sought after type for furniture removalists. For larger requirements, 40ft high cubes containers can be used. 

These can also be transferred between trucks, or put on rail for quick, easy and affordable interstate transfers. Given the current shift in society with flexible working arrangements, there has never been more people moving house across state lines.

Furniture storage

In an ideal world, furniture can be packed, transported to a location and then unloaded seamlessly. In some cases, not everything runs so smoothly. Containers can be offloaded and kept on site to securely store furniture until it is ready to be unpacked. With a removalist truck, until the contents are emptied, no more furniture can be moved.

Containers for Furniture Transport

The boxes are packed, the furniture is ready, so which container is best for you?

SCF Container Solutions - 20ft Shipping Container

20ft Shipping Container

The 20ft shipping container is the most popular and common onsite storage solution, and with good reason! It is strong, safe, secure and easy to transport.
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SCF Container Solutions - 20ft High Cube Container

20ft High Cube Container

Everything you love about the 20ft shipping container but with an additional 1 foot (30cm) of height for even more storage! It is strong, safe, secure, easy to transport and just that little bit taller.
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SCF Container Solutions - 40ft High Cube Container

40ft High Cube Container

40ft High Cube shipping containers are popular for storing a large volume of goods on sites with more available space. This container size is also well suited to modifications, such as a workshop, shed alternative or to construct homes.
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